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Campus Life

Life on campus at MCIU is a blend of many activities that culminate in the shaping of the “whole student” aimed at meeting societal needs and making global impacts. At MCIU, we do not underestimate what the power of co-curricular activities can do in igniting the passion for creativity and success in young individuals. We believe that the full participation of our students in all campus activities will have a positive impact on their satisfaction and academic success.

To this end, MCIU campus life has five strategically structured components.

The pursuit of academic excellence is the primary reason for the presence of every student at MCIU and the university is determined to help them achieve it. The university has clearly stated objectives that help engender success in students’ academic sojourn in the institution.

    1. Explaining concepts and purpose of higher education;
    2. Providing information on norms and challenges of tertiary education;
    3. Establishing available support services at the tertiary institutions;
    4. Providing sound educational guidance and counseling;
    5. Providing information on time management;
    6. Providing information on study habits;
    7. Providing information on the course unit system.

Academic activities that are universal for all departments at MCIU include; lectures, personal and group assignments, practical, personal, and group class presentations, continuous assessments, professional tours, examinations.

In the attempt to produce the “whole student”, MCIU puts in place appropriate structures for the acquisition of entrepreneurship and vocational skills that promote critical thinking and problem-solving attitude among students. Upon admission at MCIU, it is mandatory for every student to learn a vocation of their interest at the institution’s Centre for Entrepreneurship and Vocational Skills. The importance attached to this aspect of our campus life is evident in the assessment mechanisms put in place to ensure students’ seriousness. The assessment mechanisms are; attendance, assignments, periodic examinations, and personal projects.

At MCIU, sport is one of the ways by which we inculcate team spirit in our students. Individual ‘win’ is acceptable but we encourage and lay emphasis on team ‘win’. Our sports centre which comprises of a standard lawn tennis court, track and field arena, basketball court, a standard football field and many more gives both students and staff the opportunity to stay healthy by keeping physically fit. Competitive team sports such as the Founder’s Cup, inter-faculty games, and departmental competitions are great avenues for unleashing the talents and potentials of our students, many of whom have gone on to represent the institution at the national and international levels.

Our state-of-the-art Wellness and Fitness Clinic is purposely established to cater to the health and fitness goals of each member of the MCIU community

Campus conversation is an online chat room where students interact freely with one another while also respecting each other’s privacy. It is a platform that connects students from different faculties and encourages sharing of ideas, educational materials, etc. Campus Conversation is a good platform to disseminate quickly a piece of information to our students in case of urgency or emergency. Most importantly, it helps the students to watch out for one another.

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