Ibru Village, Agbarha-Otor

Ughelli North, Delta State, Nigeria

(+234) 802-3385- 488


Bachelor of Science in Banking & Finance

The principal objective of the department is to produce high-caliber banking and finance graduates, capable of taking up responsibilities in their various positions of assignments.

This entails producing graduates with sound knowledge and understanding of banking and finance as well as related areas. Such that upon graduation, they are well equipped for managerial positions in both public and private sectors of the economy and be professionally qualified to practice the profession.

It also has the objective of producing registrable graduates, who can register with the recognized professional bodies of financial institutions and organizations in Nigeria and the world over.

The department also aims at producing graduates with a sound foundation for entrance into postgraduate programmes in banking and finance and other related business fields.

The department also has as its objective the general philosophy and objective of the National Universities Commission (NUC). The belief that training in this discipline will develop the mind, impact both theoretical and practical knowledge on the individual student, develop self-confidence, help to be innovative and self-reliant in administration and management.

To provide basic knowledge and skills needed for the management of industrial, commercial, public, and other humanitarian organizations.

To equip the students with knowledge and skills of decision making, analytical skills needed for organizing, defining, and solving problems and to develop the student in leadership and interpersonal relations skills in management.

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